Once You're Strong

February 28, 2011
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You stare,
As if you wish to speak.
But pride
Holds those feelings inside.
Letting 'em out would make you weak.
A freak.
So you decide
To lie.
All respect aside
I can see it in your eyes.
I give you all I can provide
And you still refuse
To confide
You say,
"Feelings are overrated."
But I can tell
You're still unsatisfied.
under the mask
You call a face
Cause I know you feel
Your heart race
As your mind is currently occupied
With thoughts of suicide.
But wait.
Get your head straight
Before you decide
To make your own fate.
I'm here for you.
So before I watch
All your excuses
Let me show you
How to communicate.
Life is tough
We all agree.
and it's reality
No one wants to face.
Your depression
Leaves you with a blank expression
So tell me your deepest confession
And I'll show you
What progression looks like.
I know it takes some time
But I'm willing to spend
All of mine
To help you
Pursue a live worth living.
Forgiving all yours wrongs.
Because once your strong,
You'll know exactly
Where you belong.

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