We Are The People

February 28, 2011
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We are the slaves
We are the people.
We are the people, who are treated lower than dirt, lower than deep holes.
We are the people, who are called stupid,as they suppose.

Lord, see us be strong ,we are tryin to hold on, hear us maon,hear our spiritual songs.
Cause, we are the people, who work hard every single day. We are the people who get up early in the morning to work in fields.
Nobody will never know how we feel.

Know matter what we might have been through, we still have smiles on our faces.
Know matter how many whips we might have on our backs, we still have love in our hearts cause that's where it all starts.

Lord, see us live,watch over us, watch over our souls. One day we all will be up there with you, that's just how life goes.

We may have been through alot ,but we know your love will never stop.

Cause , we are the people, who have been through so many things, but to get through them, we sing.
Oh Lord,watch us try to stay alive.
Listen to our everlasting cries.

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