Valley of Shadows

March 1, 2011
I thought I was lost;
Had my heart full of thorns
Because my love had turned
into a monster with horns.

When I met him,
Everything looked like a dream.
But when I looked again,
Everything turned to a black stream.

I was so confused;
Couldn't see through the haze.
And somehow I ended
In a never ending maze.

Then you found me.
Now you're always on my mind.
And all those bad memories,
I left them far behind.

Some said I was weak,
But I knew they were wrong.
I had just forgotten
What it really meant to be strong.

Then I saw the light
On the darkest past.
I survived pain
And subdued wrath.

In the Valley of Shadows
Forever I thought I would be.
But now I think I'm in Heaven,
Now that you're with me.

My heart was only ruins
Before you came to save me.
But now it's back together
Just the way it should be.

What is this funny feeling
That tickles me inside?
Only when I think about you
Or when I'm by your side.

For this is a strange feeling
That I discovered in the dark.
Its something so beautiful
That in my life set a mark.

Love is what I'm feeling now.
Love is what I feel today.
From the Valley of Shadows I'm gone,
And by your side I want to stay.

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