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Where I'm From

March 1, 2011
By Splenda BRONZE, Baldwinsville, New York
Splenda BRONZE, Baldwinsville, New York
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I am from memories I can’t remember, reality that could have been a dream

From friends that were kind and many
And a dog that was a shadow
From a mound that was a mountain
And a desert that was my playground
And an ocean I only used once

I am from swimming in February and tackling neighbors
From bike riding, catching crabs,
And oranges I picked from my yard
From adventures in the jungle
And forts that never truly came down

I am from an art museum and a room that is a library
From winters of sparkles
And roaring fires that could melt away any worry
From summers of dazzling diamonds caught in the sky
And gentle kisses on the cheek from the wind

I am from the North, South, Middle, and some West
From agonizing car rides that that still haven’t ended
And one too many “Are we there yet’s”
And “He’s touching me’s”
From The City That Never Sleeps to The City of Risk-taking

I am from rope-swings, toobing, campfires
And shopping when only my mom wants to
From Thanksgivings with a city’s worth of people,
Unleashing tickle-monsters on my cousins,
London broil that was always a bit overdone,
And short bread that melts in my mouth

I am from a grandmother who owned a castle in the woods,
Cousins who teased me and tackled each other
An aunt who thought of me as a daughter,
And an uncle who could be funnily serious to seriously funny

I am from karate
Honesty, integrity, self-control, indomitable spirit
Hours spent on focusing the mind and body
A few days a week, an hour every time
Legs burning, arms aching, knees shaking, and a smiling face
All the time achieving confidence, and pride in what I accomplished

I am from reading
Fantasy, comedy, adventure, romance, action, and many others
Stories on the internet or those I can hold
Sitting in my room, leaning on my bed, while casting magic spells and dancing with kings
Or staring off mindlessly, enjoying the giant world that the books have created

I am going to create the imaginary
Destroy the theory of impossible
And become who makes me happy

The author's comments:
I had to write this for my english class, but I really enjoyed making this piece. It's about what's happened in my life and it's drenched with symbolism.

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