Me! "The Weak One"

March 1, 2011
I have a power that controls my peers
With out their knowledge
they do my every will
Yet, they say i am nothing
Yet, they they say i can't tell them what to do
But yet,
Me!"The weak one" told you to move
and you did

My power is used school wide
as long as i am there
My power grows easily
the affect is every were
All you have to do is talk about
Me!"the weak one"
and you will be under my rule

If i want to sit at the corner of the table,where you sit
I will sit by you and you will move
because i told you to
i want that pencil you dropped on the floor
so i picked it up and handed to you
you said i could have it
because i told you to
Me!"the weak one"
has unconsciously controlled you

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