Dear Jesus

March 1, 2011
By MissLeannaAmazing BRONZE, Mullins, South Carolina
MissLeannaAmazing BRONZE, Mullins, South Carolina
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Dear Jesus,
It’s obvious I can’t be perfect.
I’ll never be able to walk on water or heal the blind.
And I’ll never be able to shake your mother’s hand.
I can’t take away peoples pain or calm the storms
I didn’t raise Lazarus from the dead
And I never could change water to wine.
I wonder how your mother felt with God’s sacrifice,
Was she as willing or did she put up a fight?
I wonder what those people thought as
they watched you being nailed to that cross.
I’ll never understand how some can look around
and say they’ve never seen you.
It doesn’t make sense how someone so loved
can say they’ve never felt you.
It’s a shame how some can listen to your word
and then hear your rules
and say they never want to know you.
I don’t think they understand how much good comes from you.
Why would anyone turn down something so everlasting?
Don’t they want to be saved?
How can they not see that you’re everywhere?
In every house
Behind every tree
Holding every little kids hand
You’re the bravest man anyone could know
You know everyone down here
and each of their hearts
I just hope you can reach to all of them
I’m yours.

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