Chevy's Poem

February 28, 2011
By Anonymous

He wrote a note to his mamma tonight
It took all his might to hold the pen real tight

As a tear went down his face, he felt like no one cared
This world had stripped him bare

All those words on his Facebook Wall
Never made him stand up tall

That girl he hooked up with last night made him the joke
She claimed it was cos she snorted some coke

He went to get some Liquid Courage as he went to his daddy's guns and-
He was somebody's son

Everytime he'd stand up tall
They'd knock him down and have a ball

With a name like Chevy you'd expect him to be strong
But how could we have been so wrong

If this world didn't strip him bare
If some one acutally showed they cared

A family would still have their son
But instead Chevy reached for the gun

The author's comments:
I was watching a TV show about people that were being bullied and some actually committed suicide because of bullying. If this poem is similar to anyone's death do to bullying its completely coincidental.

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