Duck Tape and Glue

February 28, 2011
Stranded and helpless
You came along
And lended a hand
Pulled me from the bottom
And showed me what it's like to be truely loved

You saw my heart
And i told you what its been through
You told me all it need was some duck tape and glue
I laughed for the frist time in a long time

You showed me how to be happy
You taught me not to care what others think
I thank you for teaching me how to love again

One day you said "You've grown so much since we met. It's I let you grow more on your own."

My world began to crumble
And my heart started to break
But the I realized
All I needed was some duck tape and glue

Then I smiled and carried on
Becuase he taught me how to be strong
With duck tape and glue

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