Don't Whip Your Hair...Cut it!

February 28, 2011
By Katelynn16 SILVER, Boyne City, Michigan
Katelynn16 SILVER, Boyne City, Michigan
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Annoyed I stare blankly ahead,
But I cannot escape my mind, a repetitious line
Echoes in my ears
…“I whip my hair back and forth”
Like a headache,
It pulses against my skull.
A movement catches my eye…
A boy in front of me,
Suddenly suffers from some invisible attack,
Is it turrets?
A tick?
Maybe some form of a seizure?
I watch piteously
As the verse once again flows through my head
…”I whip my hair”…
His long hair moves
With each sudden whip of his neck,
It bounces on his tiny head…
Back and forth.

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