Where I'm From

February 28, 2011
By grammargurl BRONZE, Marshalltown, Iowa
grammargurl BRONZE, Marshalltown, Iowa
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I’m from a four kid, two parent way of life.
From an old, worn-down, messy home that never met my standards
To a newer, more adequate country ranch
From a mother,
Who is optimistic and supportive although strict
From a father,
Whose career comes first
From a sister,
Who is the spitting image of me
From two brothers,
One who protects me,
One who is one of my best friends
From big meals, big families, and big hugs.
I’m from a family that knows how to have fun.
I’m from a secluded school surrounded by a cornfield
Where everyone knows your name.
From Friday night football games
To last-minute probing for tests
From friends, some close and others closer;
They are my memories I’ll cherish forever
From volleyball basketball, track, and softball,
Whose injuries have been but a skid mark of who I’ve become
From upbeat, dance-till-you-collapse, party music
To slow, life-explaining, therapeutic lyrics.
I’m from nonstop running around, loving most every minute,
Wishing for time to watch life transpire.
I’m from countless experiences
Each adding one more piece to my puzzle.
From jumping off the swing set, feeling the sense of carefree freedom

To rushing to the dentist,
Feeling the pain of my mouth and the burden of regret
From annual family vacations that bring us closer together
To Christmases and card games,
Dealing out competitiveness that radiates in me
From wanting to be accepted but instead rejected
To learning to deal with my failures
And persevering towards success
From building relationships and watching them be torn down

Teaching me optimism in finding my other half
From withstanding rumors and drama with “friends”

To maturing
And realizing I can succeed without them
From lying in a cold hospital bed wishing I was anywhere else

To rehabilitating, fighting,
And acquiring resilience to stick it out.
I’m from Regret
And Resilience;
Defining me like a dictionary defines words.
That’s where I’m from.

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