the word trust

February 28, 2011
By meghannnn SILVER, Evergreen Park, Illinois
meghannnn SILVER, Evergreen Park, Illinois
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\"to live doesnt mean your alive\"

trust is a funny word, it never seems to justify the meaning
when usually its being used in such context of conviction and demeaning
the famous words "do you trust me" shouldn't be a habit
real trust doesn't need to be questioned or have an answer
people put the words honesty, trust and commitment in their vows to each other
even though there is always some hidden doubt one way or another
but we continue on and act like we are full of belief
when inside we know that we will never reach relief
most relationships are built on lies and deceit
and its sick that TRUST is the first thing to discuss when you meet
and while it would be so much easier to just assume their truthful
its the inside scars and old wounds that gravitate that pull
so much for the word trust being created to instill content
because the moral of the story is the word trust is bruised, broken and bent

The author's comments:
this poem is about the double standard of the word trust and what i believe needed to be said about trust and honesty

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