Milky Way's Symphony

February 27, 2011
By xerxezra BRONZE, Staten Island, New York
xerxezra BRONZE, Staten Island, New York
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Like the flying guillotine
The terror of potential of machines
Is shrouded in mystery.
A Greek fire flame
When an exoplanet moves in front of us
But it's real.
And just like here on Earth
There is a shock-wave of gas
The joining of metal and oxygen in liquid heat.
We learn more every day
As bad as He can be
Burning like translucent charcoal.
I can't go the distance
And see the world ignite someday,
But I can only imagine
The churning heat, melting crust,
Glorious sparks of gold and white,
Mixing together in a graceful dance
As each ribbon branches out and twists,
Tentatively reaching out for the other
But never touching,
Continuing the joint chaste ballet
And crash down onto this planet
That disappears in what seems to be
A split second,
Consumed by the deadly power
Of a morning star.

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