Not On Earth

February 27, 2011
Tenley, he is a devastating lad
but somehow he is glad
yet the world is not good to him
as he carries his backpack around with him
maybe it's got a picture or two
of some kind-hearted people he once knew
and of the pain that's always new
what can he do but wonder if one day love might be due

Tenley, you are homeless
but you are not hopeless
and Abellina loves you
and maybe one day God will too
as you hold her in your arms at night
God is giving you his brightest light
still you have nothing to offer her
and you cry while she sleeps because you feel her heart stir
if only you could change the way things were
you'd be warm beneath these stars and you'd have the ability to protect her.

but the brightest, most perfect light
can't always see you through the night
not on Earth, no, not on Earth.

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