For You

February 27, 2011
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Two inseparable people
turned to enemies,
to strangers.
A girl filled with love
turned to someone
filled to the brim with
carelessness, ignorance.
Abhorring the world around her,
but most of all, you.
Playing your “victim” role
with every chance you get.
You’re like a snake
pretending to suffer,
and when someone comes to your rescue,
that’s when you bite.
Injecting your venom into the veins
of your best friends, your family,
and him.
Oh, him.
The boy you chose over everyone else.
The boy who throws his money,
his friends, his life away
for you.
(Someday, he’ll leave you too.)
“Selfish” is too generous to describe you.
You’re obsessed, delighted
absolutely infatuated
with yourself.
You’re too good for everyone around you.
(I’d bet you even kiss your own reflection.)
Too proud to have real friends
because no one is worthy
of the wonders of you.
Oh, you.
The girl who is too self-involved
to look at anyone but herself,
not even her own friends.
Not even me.
You lost your friends,
and any other life you had.
Are you happy now?
Is this what you wanted?
One day,
you’ll see what you’ve done,
what you threw away,
who you threw away.
Until then,
I hope you’re happy being

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