Ballad of Me

February 27, 2011
Do you ever feel sorry for the rich man
oh ye world of so many poor
and he has everything so many want
like space and time alone
he has so many moments overflowing with these
like money and a name for himself
that so many give up their entire lives for and to find

I am a selfish rich man
and I tell you now it is a dirty dead-end road
because you still want- there is no absence of desire
you want pure friendships and togetherness
so you buy your friends everything they want
and you are an addict to togetherness
so much that your friends don't want you
not you at all- the hate you while they, feeling sorry and in debt to care, thank you

and you will got to hell- you know it's true
God loved the meek, the humble, the poor
and if you're rich- you have this education fine
believe my heart and soul- you look at earth and wonder what's truly divine

and I am not even sorry for the rich man
because he has everything they want and wastes it
wastes it because he wants more-
he wants what they have.

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