My Words

February 27, 2011
By Anonymous

The pen bleeds the words upon the blank page. Either written in love, or written in rage. Torn from my soul, ripped from my hand. These are my words, my last glory filled stand. To reveal all that I am, all I will be. My words are my heart, they are the key. Remember the tears, the pain and the sorrow. But always the bright out look on tomorrow. Remember the laughs, the smiles and the fun. It's from here my words were gallantly spun. They took hold and they captured my soul. They became my life, my minds true goal. They flowed from my lips, straight from the heart. From here, these words became my art. Every word is precious, written with care. Each word written so the world is aware. Aware of my rage, my love, and my art. Aware of my laugh, my smiles, my heart.

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