Endless Possibilities

February 27, 2011
Colors on a page in the tablet in my mind
Where the colors are erupting and there is endless time
Endless new inventions, it’s never getting old
Endless partial stories that were thought but never told
Endless possibilities, to a dream I will awake
To a dream I will succumb, to a dream I will create
To an earth that I will build, right before I tear it down
And begin again the next day, by building from the ground
To the mountains I will climb, if not only in my head
From the sea until the sky, until the day that I am dead
And even still I’m dreaming, I’m scarcely on this earth
Physics shall not hold me back, I’ll wager everything I’m worth
And the things that they call crazy, that’s what I call real
The world is just my dreamscape and I’ll paint it as I feel
I’ll fill it all with powder blue,I’ll fill it full of stars
Then I’ll paint the canvas black, and etch in all my scars
And then they’ll all be vaporized, and I will disappear
Into a place where I can narrate, and have no need to fear
I am now omniscient, in fact I always was
And when my characters question me, I’ll say it’s just because…
I’ll take all the puppets, I’ll recreate this strife
You can call it drama, I choose to call it life
I can show you love, I can show you strength
I can show you ambiguity; I’ll show it all at length
I can show you lightness, I can show you fun
I won’t burn my feet while I walk across the sun
Maybe I’ll bring shades, but my eyes can take the light
You don’t like the sun? Then I’ll paint a starry night
I’ll put some scattered clouds, so you can’t see the sky
At least not from the ground, but I’m a bird so I can fly
I’ve walked across the moon, and I’ve been inside Europa
I speak all the languages even Maricopa
Yes, I can do it all, so long as I am free
But of all the things I’ve done, the best was being me.

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