Filled Space

February 28, 2011
By Anonymous

The sounds harshly pour into my ears
Like a waterfall crashing into the mouth of a roaring river
At a frequency as piercing as the stare of a wounded soul
Penetrating my mind with recollections of the past
Generating thoughts of what is to come.
Anxiety fills the empty spaces in my head
Overwhelming what is already occupied
Consuming any thoughts of optimism
My eyes close in hopes of escaping the unwelcome pessimism
Fearing the darkness, my eyes open
Colors painted in the sky overpower my sight
A gentle wind rushes through my hair
Clearing the inundated space flooding my mind
My mind is clear
My eyes are open
Open to the colors and winds awaiting me in the future
Suddenly the anxiety vanishes
My eyes close
This time with peace and tranquility
Fear of darkness is no more

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