Momma Always Said

February 16, 2011
By , Ormond Beach, FL
Momma always said she would be back
To pick my head up and stay on track
I cried for many days and nights
I was filled with fright
But then like a ghost, she drifted into my life
But Daddy's still gone, so I picked up a knife
What did I do to deserve this type of life
Momma always said to do good
But I always said I never could
Dont follow in my footsteps she said
So Id always pretend
That I was far different from her
When really, I was a spitting image of her
When I picked up and used
Because I felt so abused
I realized why she held me on a tight rope
Because she hoped
That I'd never have to see the insanity of the world
She didn't want me to be a broken girl
She didn't want me to see all the drugs
She didnt want me to look in the wrong places for love
Just like her, I ended up in rehab
Momma had to take me to was that bad
Now Im sixteen
And I stare back at all I've seen
Im glad I dont have to go back
I took Momma's advice and Im staying on track
Never again will I pick up a drug
Never again will I cut to try and feel love
Momma always said I'd go far
Those words came straight from her heart

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