Why Drink?

February 25, 2011
By , St.Louis, MO
Why do you drink?
Is it to drown your pains away?
Is it to relieve yourself of your anxiety?
Is it to seize the apprehension?
Is it because of me?
Am I really the aspect that makes you snatch that bottle every night?
Every dawn?
Each day of the week?
Do you enjoy the darkness now?
The solitude?
The hatred?
The never-ending arguments?
Is it worth it?
Do you find it appealing to drive drunk?
The near death experiences?
Is that why you cherish that wineglass as if your life depends on it?
Could it be the blissful feelings?
The high feelings?
The pleasurable night?
Or is it because of the next day?
The aroma of alcohol and vomit on your breath?
The whole miserable day?
Do you care when I am the adult?
Me having the burden of doing your job?
Having to take care of myself ever since birth?
Having to tend to each of your needs?
Is that the motive that makes you take the last sip of your wine?
If it’s not, then why?

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