February 25, 2011
Drop, drop, drop,
Goes the water,
In the pot,

Pop, pop, pop,
Goes the fire,
Below the pot,

Toss, toss, toss,
Chicken teeth,
Rinsed and flossed,

Pinch, pinch, pinch,
Lips of llamas,
Wearing pajamas,

Grab, grab, grab,
Slime of slugs,
Sting like biting labs,

Bang, bang, bang,
People at the door,
Want you to hang,

WE want no more potions,
Creams or tonics,
Herbs and lotions!

Stir, stir, stir,
Your last chance,
Solemnly concur,

Shake, shake, shake,
Goes your hand,
You hear their demands,

Gulp, gulp, gulp,
Better work or,
You’re beaten to a pulp,

Shine, shine, shine,
You are invisible,
Freedom is so fine,

Run, run, run,
You don’t look where
You are, that’s no fun,

Go, go, go,
Straight off the cliff,
You hit a new low,

Die, die, die,
Because invisibility,
Does not mean you fly.

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