Love Meant To Last

February 15, 2011
Everything i do, its all for you..

I love you no matter what i say or do.

I realize what ive done is cause you pain,

but to get to the rainbow, stand in the rain.

The promises broken, make us stronger.

i can only wait for you a little bit longer.

before its too late, come with me...

Give me a chance and you will see.

See that our love is meant to last,

why are you always so stuck in the past?

it cant be changed, but the future can,

stop playing games and go with the plan.

the plan that was made for us will last forever,

whether we're apart, or if we're together.

its out of my control, its your time to pick.

the suspense kills me, makes me so sick.

our love is everlasting, it shall never die.

no matter what happens, im right by your side.

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