February 15, 2011
By xXSelenaJXx BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
xXSelenaJXx BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"The difference between genius and Stupidity is; Stupidity has no boundaries..."

You monster!
You sit with your sharp claws like scissor hands pressed against the warm, soft, surface
Your claws ripping off the soft tissues and leaving it unprotected
Leaving it open like a small country with no army
Your heart is racing with excitement as you reach the coarse surface under the soft tissue that’s now rotting underneath your fingernails
You drip your poisonous saliva and infect the surface turning its color to match your evil grin
You bacteria spreads like butter and takes effect
The once joyous sounds are replaced with moans of pain and sickness
The core shuts down and most functions stop
You plan was successful
You dance joyfully and sing your own evil tune
You leave and go in to infect the next person I touch
You’re a monster!
You are THE FLU!

The author's comments:
I'm sick...

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