Why are we like this?

February 15, 2011
By , Springfeild, IL
Why does my life have to be tears, pain and hatred?
…Towards you?
I am suppose to love and respect you as it quotes in the bible “one must respect thy father”
However, to be honest how am I suppose to?
You put me through everything why?
Is this your way of telling me something?
Well stop because it hurts me oh so very much
Why do you call me stupid and dumb?
You do not even realize that I am smart and wonderful in my own way
I am your flesh and blood, so why do we not get along?
Sometimes I wonder about what you say to me I wonder why you say it to me and what you think when all is said and done and you cannot take it back?
Do you regret it and want to say sorry but cannot build the courage to say it to me?
Alternatively, do you just think everything is going to be okay tomorrow?
Well no matter what you think, I put that smile on my face when you talk to me because I cannot tell you what is killing me inside what you said that hurt me
Do you not know what you said wrong?
On the other hand, do you not just get it?
You have never seen me cry have you?
Well I cry alone in my room about how much drama is in our lives,
Sucks right?
I love you with all my heart for you gave me life but I just do not get it.
How about we work on each other’s problems and find a solution to it so we can fix it and love each other like we are suppose too.
However, that will never happen it is you, the guy that finds nothing wrong within himself,
However, hopefully one day you will finally realize what you say and do is hurtful
These feelings have been kept within my head for years and they now just decided to come out and scream at me making me think about it
It made me cry
Did you know I silently cry to myself in my room at night hoping you won’t come in and see my like that
Why do you do this to me?
Is it because you had a problem with your dad?
I do not know what is wrong but hopefully sometime I will find out
I love you and hope we can work this out.

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