A Foreign Language

February 24, 2011
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Communicating in such a way inaudible to the human ear,
indistinguishable to the tongue,
but discerning to the rhythmic beat of the heart.
Sometimes it gets lonesome, though.

If only you were able to see the world through their eyes.
The view wouldn't be nearly as impeccable;
trying to stare through rusted, chiseled chain links
at a world you know to be tainted.
Staring through a musky fog
contaminated with the world's most inexplicable flaws.
Only you see the potential of a perfection
now masked by harmful pollutants.
Only you push for the fog to clear,
but you stand solemn in your efforts to release a world trapped by an ever-enlarging shadow.

Not many speak the language that is native only to the heart.
rather they speak a language more common,
easier to follow,
easier to understand.
It may not be full of morals and convictions,
but it does allow for a clearer path,
without many pebbles and sticks and stones to cause falls and scraped knees and a wounded soul.

But you,
your heart beats in a most unique way.
Beats to a different melody,
and speaks of the man who lives most nobly,
and awakes to a burning desire to make something of the day before him.
A limitless ocean bounded only by an endless horizon.
not all can stand before the intimidating presence of a vast sea.

It's lonely again.
When it's just you and the ocean.
Suddenly you're as small as the obsidian shell
that lays beside the musical waves,

One day,
a heart will beat as yours does.
A fervent passion to match the spark ignited in your soul,
and your beating melodies will drum together in tandem.
one day.

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