February 24, 2011
By , West Mifflin, PA
Voices too loud
to hear yourself think
It's nearly impossible
to concentrate

It doesn't help
that I can still see
your face out of the
corner of my eye

Your grin is cocky
and overconfident
Your voice is loud
and recognizable
in the biggest of crowds

No one really cares
what you think
Or that you're such a star
Cause in reality you don't
even know who you are

Laugh loud
Sigh softly
Make a comeback
Draw attention

It's all so predictable
If only people could see
that you're nothing special

You're just like me
But you think you're better.

You're nothing out of the spotlight
So admit that your human already
And submit yourself to stares
That no longer hold that glorious admiration
That can see who you are
In reality
That don't hink you're better

No. No. No. No. No.

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