While you're out there enjoying your New York minute, remember me?

February 27, 2011
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Tick tock, baby.

Let that time fly.

Why am I surprised?

You never come when you say you will.

The day is gray, but maybe that’s because my shades are pulled.

There’s no sunshine when you forget to come.

Is it safe to say that a day with you away, I go crazy?

Please tell me that while you’re out there roaming the streets of New York,

You’re thinking back and remembering your hometown girl.

Every day that passes,

I wonder what you’re doing way out in that Big Apple of your’s.

You said it was your dream. That you were gonna be a star one day.

We’d see your name spray painted on the side of buildings.

Plaques laid in cement, forever saving your place.

If you’re a star, then maybe, baby…

Do you think that I could come linger along in that galaxy of your’s?

If only for a little bit?

It’s getting awful lonely out here in this small town,

with out you to keep me entertained.

The same people, they keep coming around.

The same stores,

their dusty windows stay lit with their broken ‘Open’ signs.

Come on in, Ya’ll.

Is it safe to say I’m jealous?

I wish you would’ve brought me along on that magic adventure of yours.

But, I suppose high school crushes are best left behind.

At least that’s what the title of one of your hit songs says.

While you’re out there under all those bright lights, darling.

Look up,

and remember that night we slept under those same stars you’re staring at now.

Do you ever still get that rush…

When you stop and remember reaching in for that good bye kiss?

Cheeks brush, nibble on my bottom lip.

Do you ever miss the smell of my skin against yours?

Probably not, but that’s alright.

I’ve got enough memories stored up for the both of us.

I’m set for the winter,

but it’d be nice if you came back for a little while to keep me company.

There hasn’t been any warmth here since you left,

But maybe that’s only my imagination.

While, you’re out there enjoying your New York minute,

Stop and think about me for a bit, if you will.

Our heart break is playing out on the radio,

my words that night are making you famous.

Is it safe to say I’m jealous?

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