The Alchemist's Tinfoil

March 1, 2011
I am tired of fixing this,
Tweaking life to fit your wonderland,
In hopes that maybe love could win you over,
Then you would be mine.
There’s something rippling in your eyes tonight,
I know now something is not right,
I’ve apologized a thousand times,
It isn’t getting better
Let’s take a drive
Just for old times
We’ll pass the fateful field where I watched you from afar,
And I wanted to be there right where you were,
It seems like a battlefield now
We’ll pass the place where we met again.
They almost ruined everything
I chose you instead
Should that be a regret?
Myriads of memories all linger so sweet to me,
They taste sour on your tongue I see,
Was I a conquest?
The Purest gold of the alchemist?
That once discovered seems nothing more than tinfoil?
There’s the spot we sat, and watched the star and night embrace
As the moon hung low and dripped like liquid down over the lake,
You put your arm around me for the first time right there
And We were both scared
Scared of this,
Scared of falling,
Abandoning all reasoning
But despite my fears I did fall,
And it is just like they say
Love gives less, the most it takes away,
It leaves you crying every night
Holding onto something that isn’t right
It keeps me searching your eyes for a miracle,
Searching the arm you put around me for some reason not to pull away,
And now we’ll drive,
Hope we’re the survivors
The statistic that was so different,
But you know what I think?

Were just kids playing love
Makebelieving in a selfish dream
And I can’t let you go

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