On the Outside Looking In

March 1, 2011
By melbel BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
melbel BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
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From the plastics to the geeks no one accepts me,
I’m the kid all alone, that has no friends,
I walk through the hallways and see people stare,
Feeling so nauseous and so scared.
I would like to make friends,
No one sees me.
It’s like I’m invisible and feel nothing.

A new day has come and I feel braver than brave,
Mustering as much courage as I can I pick up my lunch,
And walk over and have a seat next to the plastics.
They all look at me like who is this LOSER,
But before they can anything I introduce myself and say hi.
Giving me a dirty look they turn and start talking.
I want to cry…

But I’m stronger than that so I gather as much courage as I can,
I lean towards them and start talking too.
But them being too popular stand up and walk away,
Looking around I see everyone staring at me.
As my face turns bright crimson I want to hide.
Though the plastics aren’t a group for me,
I have other groups to fit into.
You never know,
Someday I might find someone who is actually like me!

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