You Left

March 1, 2011
By Maddie1717 BRONZE, Dallas Center, Iowa
Maddie1717 BRONZE, Dallas Center, Iowa
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Tonight was our last night together for what seems like forever
I understand that this is what you want to do
But I don’t think you understand what it does to me when you are gone
Lost, broken, and in distress with out you near
But in the end it’s really only a year.
It started with a thought, then that thought became a signature,
Soon after that, the signature became training and that was the start
Of you never being around.
But what ever, I guess we can get through this tough time
I’ll suffer by myself and you do what you have to do
Just promise me this,
You’ll be careful and not leave me in the dust
For that would be a mistake
That can not be and will not be ever forgotten.

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