No Longer a Fairytale

March 10, 2011
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No Longer Once Upon a Time

How many tales start
with the words
Once Upon a Time?

And how many stories have closed
with a sunset in the sky
and Happily Ever After?

I don’t know about yours,
but my Fairytale
has abruptly stopped.

There is no Prince in
Shining Armor
for this sad Princess.

No Princess Locked
Away in the
Tallest Stone Tower

No Fairy Godmother
to weave her magic
and give me a small hope.

My storybook has
now come to a
steady, quiet close.

gone are the Secret
Garden visits
that we used to share.

gone are the Silent
Stares that we had
always used to share.

gone are the Sweet
Nothings that
we used to share.

Once Upon a Time,
there had been a
little loving girl.

Once Upon a Time
there had been a
sweet innocent boy.

Once Upon a Time,
there had been
two children in love.

But this is no longer
Once Upon a Time.
This is a new story.

This is a story
of our common,
current, daily lives.

This is, by no stretch,
a fairytale.
It is reality.

And since this is the
real world story,
that makes it all the

more Terrific
more Huge
more Interesting
more Staggering
more Inspiring
more Striking
more Wonderful
more Hopeful
more Awesome
more Thrilling
more Significant

more Real.

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