Listen Once

February 26, 2011
By SilverMoon BRONZE, Riverton, Utah
SilverMoon BRONZE, Riverton, Utah
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Trapped and hunted by the unseen world,
The trees of light shrivel and die,
As one by one they disappear,
Silver leaves are blown away.
Blown away by the breath of death,
The air of goodness in never more.

Listen once I and I will tell you why,
The guardians left us here to die.
Forged from sorrow and seeped with sin,
They were shamed, cast from kin.
Dropped us here and began to flee
But sun and moon cannot one be
For they were fallen and could no longer rise,
Barred were they from the skies.

They are here, and now do dwell
Midst the forgotten and the lies.
Lives we live in this hallowed home,
Now the resting place of the One,
The One of all, who brought back life,
Who banished those to an eternal Hell.

Listen once and I will tell you why,
The One of all for us did cry,
He suffered our misery and our pain,
His tears fell for us like the rain,
They washed away all care and woe,
And now our lives smooth do flow.

Perhaps not smooth like the ocean’s glass,
But smoother than the cliffs of Eire,
Because of him, we no more are bound,
Bound to this earth of sin and lies,
Reaching up, we can fly,
Fly beyond the stars so bright,
Fly to the world of sun and light,
If only you listen once I will tell you why…

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