I Hear Ed Screaming in My Brain

February 25, 2011
By , Kewanee, IL
I hear Ed screaming in my brain,
Day by day,
I'm going insane!

He creeps, he crawls,
He likes to prowl;
Sometimes I even hear him growl.

He locks me up inside a cage,
Sometimes it fills me up with rage;
Feels like I'm in a daze.

We walk together, side by side;
He says to me, "You're mine."
I can't decline.

And when I try to pull away,
Ed assures he's here to stay;
He wants to play a game.

He makes the rules,
They may seem cruel,
But it's our little duel.

We play together every day.
Sometimes I pray I'll run away;
I just may...

I'm floating upwards in the clouds,
I look back down,
I see Ed frown.

I smile wide, I'm finally free!
I can finally see,
I'm free to be me,

But things aren't always as they seem,
Woke up with Ed right next to me;
It was just a dream.

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