Life as I know it

February 25, 2011
By Anonymous

I can’t move
I’m hurting everywhere
I’m frozen-coughing, gasping for air
Having a jungle in my head
Having a place I want to go
A Person I want to be that isn’t me
I hate it
That thing
I just hate it
I have no idea what is
But it’s something
I want to get away from everything
Close my eyes on a beach
Far away from the home on that north east Street
A place that’s filled with gasps, horrors, stress tension that’s heated to 100 degrees
You just can’t breath
Life here is colorless and dull
Oh yes there is color
But your eyes are blind to see it
We need life
We are dying
We are slipping and sinking
Everything is falling apart
What happened?
Everything left, faster than you could say HELP

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