My Gift To You

February 25, 2011
I give you
Not a loving kiss
Nor a sweet embrace.

But fret not.

For I give to you my bloodied soul.
A reminder of the suffering,
Agonizing and cruel,
Like your empty words.

Go on.
Take it.

It will open your eyes
To the blinding truth.
It will make you scream in fear.

Why are you crying?
I am only giving you
What you truly deserve.

I won't whisper to you
A tender word,
Or show you a gentle smile.
My only gift to you
Is my bloodied soul.

Its hollow eyes
Are filled with darkness,
Just like us,
Forever and always.

Its broken appearance
Can be covered
By a mask of untrue happiness,
If you want it so.

But it will not last.
The mask will shatter.

The crimson tears
Will burn your heart,
And live forever
In your mind.

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