February 25, 2011
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My heart does falter
As you draw near,
You keep away the frights,
And fight away my fears,
You always wipe away
All my charcoal tears
For you my heart does falter.

For you are a diamond
In a river of stones.
As water, cold as ice,
Rushes over to somewhere unknown
For you are a diamond,
Whilst I am a stone.
I am sorry, my friend,
That I must remain a stone.

You say that when I cry,
The dead rise from their graves
To see what is the matter,
And they gather in disarray
So he said, at least,
I thought he would never go away…
While even the undead decided to stay.

We sat on well-mown grass
He sits here with me,
And the tinkling sound
That resounds from his keys
Accompanies us,
Him and me.
We sit on this hill under this tree.

And this is how the day glides on,
Until up the moon
And gone the sun
When our time is finally done,
And I am sorry to leave.

But he's still here, you are,
They'd never know,
Your face is in the
Flowers, grass, rain, snow,
And I see you everywhere I go.
But dear, dear friend…

I miss you in such a way
I keep my cool
During the day
But by the moon
My heart does sway,
It falters as it does now.

And I do cry
Into the sea
During the night
I do decree
For our love I'd fight
To make you and I we,
Though I miss you, my moon, my knight.

Through my eye,
You were everything,
you were my knight,
My rose, my sea,
And I would fight…
But there is no we,
There is I, and I am alone.

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Otto. said...
Mar. 27, 2011 at 8:18 pm
Haha- I am so cruel...
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