February 25, 2011
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I'm not thee average prep,
I don't even like to be called that,
But that's what happens when you wear nice clothes.
They label you,
Live with it.
But I'm different.
I love to read,
People call me a nerd,
I say "Have fun in twenty years".
I like to play cards,
when someone is willing to take a stab at trying to beat me.
Country is the type of music I prefer and where I wish to live,
Who doesn't like the peace and quiet?
They talk behind my back,
But what's there to talk about?
I'm not a drama queen,
I wouldn't be able to handle it.
I'm above the influence,
Because I chose the path down which to succeed.
I dress to make a statement,
Not to be checked out or criticized.
My first and only boyfriend was in the fourth grade.
Dating is overrated at this point,
But I hope that one day I will meet the nicest man in the world.
Different? Always.
Bad Different? Never.

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