Half Formed Dreams

February 25, 2011
By Belief_Among_Unrest SILVER, Russell, Massachusetts
Belief_Among_Unrest SILVER, Russell, Massachusetts
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We have all the time in the world to lie
Right here beneath the darkened sky
Using our quiver and shooting stars
Even when the distance seems too far
I feel I could stay and never sleep
And the night would stay too as if mine to keep
You would lie there and I’ll watch you smile
Even awake we’ll keep our dreams for a while

It’s getting harder to stay awake
Living with the fear that dawn will break
I don’t want to leave and have to fear
That when I come back the night won’t be here
I want to spend my life right now
Never wondering why or how
Waiting on some sign of light
That signifies the end of night

Although it chills me to the bone
I never want to go back home
Where I know the sun will have to rise
And ‘neath my roof I cannot hide
For those cursed rays of brightest sun
Will make sure that the night must never come
And if I am to live with day
Those half formed dreams will fade away

The author's comments:
This is the best piece in my "collection." I hope it inspires others to express how they're feeling.

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