Such A Sweetheart

February 25, 2011
By Anonymous

The first time I asked her she said no,
Thought it wouldn’t work said that I’m not her type
It took some time but,
After a while she said she would make a deal with me
That we could date

Of course I said yes
Sure she may have killed my ex gf ice
But this is the next best thing
I thought she was unkind at first
But as I got to kno her I discovered how sweet she really was

How she was always there for me,
Even when I had the imprint with Damien
She told me what It was guided me through the process
But I believe that at that time she wanted to be with me
But was afraid to say anything because of the reaction she might get from me

We’ve only been dating for a week and I don’t get to see her much
But I’ve realized that im happy with her than I ever was with Nate or Damien
She understands me, my personality and emotions
Finally someone who luvs and cares for me
Who would never hurt me

I think I may be falling for her
And for the first time in our relationship its just ok
She’s always there for me
Supporting and helping me along the way
She’s the biggest sweetheart I’ve ever been with….

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