turn run move

February 25, 2011
By asharikiara BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
asharikiara BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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turn run move, excuse my thoughts they were intended for u.

Stop go , no , its when you spoke that my heart beat slowed.

Patience time kind. Love is slowly numbing my mind.

Scream fight leave. It didn’t occur that you loved me.

come back wait , this is a risk im willing to take

An all at once my thoughts begin to read , my mind is saying do the right thing.

Well what if The most difficult an the right thing are the same too.

And what if leaving is the right thing to do.

I could probably win but ive chosen to lose. My time is up and I don’t know what to do.

How to move forward , I cant detour, tour the mind an you’ll find my thoughts move downward. I cant grasp the concept , accept that I cant accept it, except im willing to expect the suspected , pessimistic? Sadistic? Theories on the subscript , underneath the heading on a white strip, of tape on the date that this became love, what about trust? What about us? What about love? Wheres is the us in love cuz we trust? What one does, when loves absence affects transcripts in the mind of blank slips that return to the heart where absence has occurred?

come back wait , this is a risk im willing to take.

Turn run move, excuse my thoughts they where intended for you.

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