February 25, 2011
By SundanceKid SILVER, Hailey, Idaho
SundanceKid SILVER, Hailey, Idaho
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Me with my eyes full of stars
Him with his feet in concrete reality
Were never meant to be together
But somehow found one another
I could have cried because he stole my heart
He held my heart
In his hands. And loved me like he loved the stars
He wiped my tears when I cried
He protected me from his reality
We were so interconnected with one another
It was hard not to be together
But soon we were not always together
For he often broke my heart
When we were apart we ached for one another
I could have been called starry
Eyed. Refusing to face reality
In case it made me cry
Soon he began to criticize everything about me especially the way I cried
I began to hate him, being together
With him. I guess I saw a shard of reality
But I could not let go, he controlled my heart
In time the stars
In my eyes faded and we began to fall out of love with one another
I suggested we separate from one another
And for the first time watched him cry
He said for the first time, “ I want to reach for the stars
I love you and want to stay together
He promised to fix my broken heart
But I’d had enough and decided to face reality
And face reality
I did. Very soon he started seeing another
That was the final crack in my glass heart
For days I silently cried
Remembering when we were together
When our eyes reflected the stars
In mending my shattered heart; I got a good dose of reality
Soon my eyes were full of stars again and I fell in love with another
He never made me cry and we were forever together

The author's comments:
This is a Sestina

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