Chosen Love

February 25, 2011
By , Brooklyn, NY
Through the nights semblance,
I gaze upon your eyes,
like the aurora borealis,
emanating affection throughout the skies.
Your luscious figure,
that reflects the purity within your personality,
cast not the desire,
to tame such a rarity.
Amongst the fading leaves,
in Autumn's presence,
I sight yet a gift,
I'll never efface.
That essence, that creates life,
that beauty, that plunders strife,
is you, my "rose".
My undeteriorating love,
my immobilizing determination,
to date an eye catching star,
is nothing, but a fascination.
For yet the answer shall be revealed,
weather or not you shall be my wife,
so with God's divine words,
"let lovers, live long-lasting life".

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