Cloud Nine

February 25, 2011
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The sky is the limit,
I'm on cloud nine.
I wanted to stay
But the edge looked so divine.
I dared sneak a peak;
The rush was so tempting.
I thought I could get back;
The drop looked exhilarating.
I thought I might try
But before I could decide,
Oh so very sly,
He came up from behind.
I didn't even try,
I fell far below
A seemingly endless blue.
I glanced up above me,
His face I did see
And Right at that moment
He ended it for me.
He finally decided.
He set me free.
I race to the ground,
His smile is fading.
So soon out of reach,
My mind is racing.
I've completely lost touch
But the memories they linger.
I connect with the ground,
The deep blue so blinding.
I lay cold and alone
With him on cloud nine shining.
That should have been my cloud,
It should have been ours.
Perhaps he will someday be pushed too,
And have to survive in this miserable blue.
But 'till that day
When he falls back to me,
I lay in wait and pray.
Maybe this blue will clear,
Maybe then again it won't,
Not 'till he's near.
I wait all alone,
I will not have fear.
My heart is his home,
But as for him
I should steer clear.
For one thing's for sure,
That when the blue clears,
He'll find one more edge
And push me again,
So I wonder on endlessly
Through this deep blue
And find me a paintbrush
and maybe some glue,
Because I don't need him
or his sweet touch.
I'll use what I've gotten,
I'll make myself proud.
I won't search the skies,
I'll make my own nine cloud.

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