We Are The Trees

February 25, 2011
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Hello sinner
my friend, my brother.

Let us confide in each other,
let our burdens escape pursed lips,
weary shoulders.

Embrace me brother
and I’ll embrace thee,
we’ll discuss our mistakes,
or cry until ecstasy.

Talk to me brother,
over cigarettes and coffee.
Tell me you’re story, and I’ll tell you mine,
and we’ll do our best to open ear,
open heart.

Oh, woe is me,
and woe is thee.
But beg yourself pardon,
you are only human.
Perhaps it be better
to live true to yourself… and later write your regretful letter.

Brother, look at the snow,
isn’t it magnificent,
imperfect and beautiful?
Look at the trees,
are they not masterpieces,
wild and still, strong and flawed?
We, my brother, you and I, are we not mere atoms?

Look deep into my ugly eyes brother,
feel my rough skin.
I am the embodiment of sin brother,
the scratched pearl.
And what are you, what is she,
what is left when we unfurl?
Be it truth, be it sin, be it naked nature…
Whatever it is… Forgive.

Is it not exquisite?

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