February 12, 2011
By natxthexrat SILVER, Baldwin, New York
natxthexrat SILVER, Baldwin, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"to live, and not to breathe, is to die in tragedy."

Void of abbreviation, this piece embodies my current frustration, my near desperation,

my sincere aggravation, that could echo through the nation if my screams could reach such ultimate variations.

I’m done dwelling in altercation, sick of relying on creation to alleviate my sorrows.

I press this pen to paper with hopes of a better tomorrow,

in hopes that I will neither a borrower nor a lender be,

That eventually, I will no longer require the crutch of poetry,

that maybe one day I will be desired, that I will be more than just a little inspired,

that I can be one of those people that everybody sees, the kind that give their all, their everything

to a being that perhaps may not bring the same thing.

I hope that someday I can look at my reflection and embrace the imperfections,

come to terms with the very real threat of rejection and face it all—-

head on.

I hope I will never again need a shoulder to lean on,

but that I will always have one there.

I hope one day I can give up my life to share, without a single care in the world

that one day,

that person just might not be there.

Right now, times are looking along the lines of melancholy,

I suffered this Christmas but I have visions—-

of hanging holly and feeling nothing but red faced and jolly.

I may be alone now, but I wont even dare frown,

because although I am one being short of a pair,

There will come a day when I’ll always have someone there,

And we’ll have many wonderful days to share, as a beautiful pair,

United through our affections, embracing each others imperfections

Just as I had once learned to do for myself

Only this time, with a little bit of help.

I have hopes that I will one day reach a state of complete mental health,

That my battles will be fought and won through daring, nerve, and stealth

I dream of a better tomorrow,

Void of all sorrow, never in need of a coin to borrow,

And although I’ve hit rock bottom,

I just need to learn how to climb the rope

Because even though at times its hard to cope,

At the end of the day,

I still hope.

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Anagam BRONZE said...
on Jul. 1 2011 at 1:03 pm
Anagam BRONZE, Tulsa, Oklahoma
1 article 0 photos 339 comments

"...that maybe one day I will be desired, that I will be more than just a little inspired..."

I looove this line :D

I read your other poem, Note to Self, and to be honest you sound like you put your heart in your poetry and have clear visions.

You should be in the mag!

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