February 19, 2011
Darkness flies on heavy wings
Grief sets in on stupid things
Hearts of china always crack
Love that's lost ain't coming back
Acinine hopes and silly dreams
He may not be what he seems
Guns that shoot and knives that kill
Satan still don't have his fill
All that's lost is evident
You wont pay a single cent
For a life thats worse than yours
All you do are stupid chores
But they must scour each grain of rice
You can't make a sacrifice
Turn off the tv, go to bed
But the only color you see is red
And when you think you've finally lost it
You get up and go to your closet
Will you go from rags to riches?
To royalty and popular witches?
Tear out your hair and run away
You cant stand to face another day
St. Valentin is coming near
The dreaded time of every year
But every life must go its course
You worry you'll go looking like a horse
Pull yourself together and step on the floor
Then he sees you, run to the door
He finds you, and gets you to dance
You're glad he gave you another chance
You don't care about pride
Before you said yes you practically died
But you'll remember that moment 'till you're old and grey
That wonderful dance on St. Valentin's day

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