Three Little Things Inspiring Her...

February 20, 2011
By Megumi-Chan PLATINUM, University Place, Washington
Megumi-Chan PLATINUM, University Place, Washington
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Life's about making mistakes and trying to learn from them, most people don't learn from their mistakes the first time they make them, but that's what friends are for. They take your hand and help you think clearly

Three little things that bring me pain,
Three little things that you felt today.
Three little things that break you.
Three little things that bond my arms
Three little things that choke me.
Three little things that threatens our existence.

One little thing hurts,
One little thing bleeds,
It pleads with someone
To stop the pain.
It screams and cries
To no success.
One thing caused this pain;
the breaking of your heart.
That is the reason you cry your tears.

Two little things control you,
Two little things compel you,
Two little things created these imaginations.
Two little things push you,
Two little things force you.
Two little things want it their way,
They want you to take your life.

Three little things start to eat you,
Eating out your happiness.
Three little things that conceive
Only of your death.
Three little things that follow you.
They chase you home from school.
They follow you down the alley way
Just to get you alone.

No little thing can save you,
Or at least that’s what you think.
You think about the three little things,
That you wish no one to hear.
No little thing can be done,
If you don’t speak up about it,
If you won’t tell anyone
Then you might as well just let them win.

The author's comments:
for a friend who loses her way when her heart is broken, but has no sense to rely on her friends

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