Bitterness in you

February 12, 2011
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You found your purpose,
You found your life.
Turns out its failed,
just like everything else you've tried.
You try to create your fantasy life without a clue, or any sense of reality.
She's perfect isn't she?
She's graced with the light of the angels isn't she? Her and her spawns.
Do you think that if you pretend enough, do you think if you forget about us that she will become what you think you're missing?
I guess in the end that it comes down to this.
Choosing sides,
one way or the other.
You can't have both,
that's just how it is.
we both know that it's her that you're with.
You can't pretend anymore,
can't pretend that you care.
It's been months hasn't it?
And not a word has been said.
You keep telling yourself that you cannot be alone.
Who are you kidding?
Alone means that there is no one for you.
Alone means that your just letting the voices in your head win.
I guess being a coward suits you,
you always gotta take the easy way out.
You move in on out weakest link,
knowing she will be the one to falter.
Keep telling yourself that you care,
if that's what helps you sleep at night.
But in secret, we both know,
that you left us to be on our own.
It'd be something if you had even tried
but that was never the case with you.
YOU gave up on us, and you chose her.
You think you're always right don't you?
Is that how you defend yourself? By telling everyone that their wrong, and tha they just don't understand.
YOU are the one who cannot handle the truth, you choose to ignore what's right in front of your face.
I guess fate has something better in wait for us,
but you,
you have a life of misery before you.
Have fun with that life,
the one that you pretend is so grand.

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