February 15, 2011
By robertservis GOLD, Brownsmills, New Jersey
robertservis GOLD, Brownsmills, New Jersey
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if you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on tight- Teddy roosevelt lol my favorite president :)

I’ve begun to break back out into the world, a 10x10 linoleum cask my ego of altered self, Personally masticating in a shower of solitary regret.

her smell was on me long before this, her eyes ago lingered at my back driving heat into my before warmed heart, Ice falls upon my mantle and it leaves me happier than when my broad shoulders lay barren, It forces me back into this place.

the screens paint an image, docile, conning hunger of budded flesh

the bed knows love, not cardinal, nay not even unconditional, but necessary love,

needed love, mutual love

Pressed back i see now it was meant to be all along, Castrated and left with nothing more now to entertain myself, I feel it, It doesn’t sing like it used to, it doesn’t aim to impress or keep its status quo, But it moans to tell me i was a fool, that it knew id be back in its old embrace again, it knew….it knew i could never escape it….not again…

So here i lay sprawled upon my slab, pathetically content singing in my soprano, eyes wet and face pale, the creeping moan joining me in duet

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