February 23, 2011
By , Lake Mary, FL
I regret that time I didn’t say goodbye. You were leaving and I just slammed the door. What if the plane crashed? I regretted that moment, that could’ve been the last time I saw you. Hopefully it wasn’t. I will bend down on my knees and pray till god tells me that you will forgive me. You are the person I care about the most. You are my world and I couldn’t ever imagine doing that to you again. You were making it worse though, agree? Maybe it was mostly me but you know I didn’t mean to. It’s not my fault I can’t control myself, but just know that I regret it. And I would do anything to take it back. Every moment I think about it, it hurts. In the heart that you warmed. Sorry, I couldn’t keep it warm. You know I would do anything to take it back. Because I regret it.

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